A fun NFT concept on the Cardano Blockchain.

Each NFT will be a randomly generated combination of one to three letters from the English alphabet.

Every asset in this series will be unique with no two combinations the same. Not to mention some beautifully designed backgrounds to add to the uniqueness of each NFT.

Cardano Letters Combos

Introducing Cardano Letters: Combos!

Turn two of your original NFTs into one super-exclusive combination!

Combine any two original Cardano Letters that you hold, and get back a one-of-a-kind combined NFT.

How To Mint

Our initial mint has now sold out!

All 18,000+ NFTs are now in the hands of their proud owners.

You can still find buy Cardano Letters on the secondary market – check marketplaces such as JPG.store and CNFT.io.


Answers to your burning questions!

Send the exact amount for the number of NFTs you wish to purchase to the address we publish.

You MUST use a wallet. Do NOT send directly from an exchange, as you will lose your funds. Popular wallets for Cardano are: Daedalus, Yoroi, and Nami.

ONLY send to an address shared by us – beware of scammers. We will never send you a DM with an address.

Refunds will be automatically sent to you if you send us the wrong amount (higher or lower) or we have sold out.
If you accidentally send us a token or NFT along with ADA – these will be returned, but are manually processed, so may take some time.

To help us keep the price low, but still support our team – there is a 2% royalty built in for after-market sales.

This will be honoured only by marketplaces that support CIP-0027 royalties.

Mathematically, there are 18,278 combinations of one, two or three letters. We have prepared all of these combinations, and they will be minted at random.

20 NFTs have been reserved for promos and giveaways.

Every single NFT is a unique combination of letters. However, single letters and double letters are naturally much rarer than three letters.

The metadata indicates the number of letters, as well as if the combo is a ‘Solid’ (all the same letter) or a ‘Ladder’ (ascending or descending letters in order).

As it’s open to interpretation, we have not indicated in metadata if a combo is a real word, slang, name or acronym.

Well spotted! To add an extra layer of fun, every NFT also has a unique generated background pattern!

Each letter brings a different pattern element, and the position of the letter affects the position of the background elements.

Single-letters get their own unique patterns!

Our Policy ID is: ba7adcbe329cb7eac17efdd6ec986ed6b6127281307ae7b15701d710

This will be locked shortly after minting is completed.

Our Team


An avid NFT collector and active in the space, he saw a window for a fresh and original kind of release.

Although new to NFT development, his IRL work revolves around community engagement and creative development, which is well transferable into this NFT space.


With over a decade of web design and graphic design experience, @wordsmith designed and created all 18k+ assets for this project. Not to mention he designed this website you’re looking at right now!

He and @CardanoLetters joined brains to plan and execute this project – which speaks for itself.

Our Dev

In order to ensure a smooth minting process, we’ve engaged the skills of a well respected developer that has worked on some established launches.

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