Prestige NFTs created from your owned Cardano Letters.

Take any two Cardano Letters NFTs that you own – and craft them into a unique combination to that’s twice as special.

Jump right in if you’re ready – otherwise read on for the full details!

Cardano Letters Combos

Need More Letters?

If you’re struggling to come up with a great combo – don’t forget you can grab them from the secondary market. Check out what’s available on marketplaces such as and

How To Order

We use a simple order form, where you can specify which two NFTs you wish to combine. The steps are:

  1. Submit your order via our simple form.
  2. Pay 35 ADA to the address shown at the end.
  3. We confirm ownership of NFTs and any eligible discount.
  4. NFT is created and manually checked for quality.
  5. NFT is returned to you, along with any discount.

Background Rarities

To spice things up a bit – your NFT will also get a randomly chosen background pattern. These will be chosen automatically based on the following rarities.

Onyx - 30% (Common)

Aqua - 20% (Un-common)

Marble - 20% (Un-common)

Magma - 20% (Un-common)

Rainbow- 10% (Rare)

Important Points:

  • The NFTs you wish to combine must be in your wallet (they cannot be listed via a smart contract).
  • You must send your ADA from this same wallet – and your NFT will be returned there too.
  • The original NFTs remain unchanged and you are free to sell them afterwards.
  • NFTs are manually reviewed and minted, please allow 24hrs for delivery.


Answers to your burning questions!

You will be able to combine two of your Cardano Letters NFTs to form a longer combination with a new and unique design! PLEASE NOTE that you have to use the exact NFTs you own – you cannot rearrange the letters within those NFTs.

Simply hit the button above to complete our order form and make your payment.

You must own the Cardano Letters NFTs you plan to use. This will mean that they can’t be listed for sale via Smart Contracts at the time of applying for the mint, as they will not be in your wallet.

Each Cardano Letters: Combo NFT will be created using a range of layout templates and each one is manually quality checked and optimized as needed – this is to ensure that we account for the different shapes, designs, and spacings of the original NFTs and make sure that the combination looks as good as can be! We are putting that little bit extra attention and effort into it for all of you. This means that minting will not be automatic or instant.

No, the designs are created by a set of templates and guidelines we have created, plus some extra secret elements. Whilst we do manually check them, we work from your requested combination. You must be certain of the combo before you submit your request. It is also crucial that you set the correct ordering of the two NFTs you want to combine. (This is made clear on the submission form).

The standard price will be 35 ADA per combination. However, discounts will be offered to people with specific Discord roles and for repeat orders.

Full details of available discounts are shown prior to taking payment.

Absolutely – You are welcome to create these Cardano Letters: Combo NFTs that you think will be desirable purely for resale purpose if you choose.

Yes, similar to the original Cardano Letters, a small royalty of 5% will be attached to these NFTs when/if they are resold through compatible marketplaces.

These combination NFTs will live under a new policy ID, and so will appear under their own collection in marketplaces. (Verification for all major marketplaces is underway).

This new Policy ID is: 66c97d01c147c16c1e7344ee349e9c1a2dab97ebd9c7aaac9f5b4e61

Nothing! We have no intention of burning any of our NFTs because we want every one-to-three letter combination to exist. So, you will not lose your original NFTs, and they won’t be marked as ‘used’. As such, you can even reuse an NFT to make additional combinations or can sell them once you’re done for others to use for their own Cardano Letters: Combo NFTs.

Each unique combination can only be created once. If you later sell the original parts, we won’t allow the same exact combo to be created by someone else. However, please note that the resulting word could be created by different sources. E.g. PAV and IA could be combined for PAVIA – but someone else could combine PA and VIA to also create PAVIA. The overall design would of course not be identical, due to the nature of the original NFT designs.

No, you can combine any two NFTs. If you want to make an approximation of a word, a username/handle or something that only means something to you – that’s totally your choice! If you have two NFTs that are already words, and just want to see them together, that’s also up to you! Please note that we do reserve the right to refuse a combo that creates an overtly offensive word. This is at our sole discretion. We’re not prudes, we’re not saying no swearing – we’re talking unquestionably bad taste stuff. Any rejected combo will of course be refunded in full (minus gas fee).

With these new Cardano Letters: Combo NFTs being manually created, as well as having a more exclusive and unique design, we feel that it is appropriate to charge for them. Funds will also help us to continue to add new dimensions to the world of Cardano Letters as a whole.

Whilst every Cardano Letters NFT is unique – these are intended to be a level above – elite NFTs. Each one is personally reviewed and minted manually, requiring additional effort. We feel 35 ADA is a fair price for this, plus we want to reward our loyal supporters with significant discount.

YES! Any of the NFTs can be used (and there’s something special in store for people planning to combine two single letter NFTs!). However, you cannot combine one NFT with itself (e.g. you can’t use just YO twice to create YOYO).